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You ever wanted a super duper accurate virtual simulation of making spaghetti from beginning to end?  Well too fuckin' bad! You got this instead!

In this selectively raunchy comedic adventure to make spaghetti you'll explore some stranger's house gathering "edible" materials you willfully misinterpret as ingredients, collect tools, solve "puzzles," and maybe even commit some light murder to free the human race from the rising Pasta Goblin empire!... In the full version at least.

The demo isn't too long, lasting anywhere from about 5-10 minutes, but it still contains some solid content like underwhelming puzzle and mediocre jokes.

If you couldn't tell the game itself is actually a Nintendo Game Boy ROM, so you'll need an Emulator to play it.

All jokes aside this game was made almost entirely by one man; me, out of nothing but love. I've poured an epoch into this project over several engines and redesigns so I really hope you like it, as well as the full version when it comes out.

Install instructions

This game is a GB ROM so you'll need a Game Boy emulator like OpenEMU or KiGB to play it.


SpaghimulatorDemo 1 MB

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